Robert Herjavec was known as more of a fighter than a lover, thanks to his million-dollar deals on Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. But last year all that changed when the Toronto native joined the 20th season of Dancing With The Stars and met his Australian dance partner, Kym Johnson. The couple finished in sixth place but it turns out Kym came in first when it came to landing Robert’s heart.  ET Canada sat down with the couple this past weekend in LA to learn more about their recent engagement.

“I just knew he was an amazing person,”; Kym tells us. “I love being with him. It turned into something else, which is great.”;

Says Robert, “You never know when you meet somebody who you want to spend your life with.”;

The 53-year-old tells us how he popped the question.

“I opened the box. And the ring is inside. And I said, ‘Will You marry me?’ And then the awkward part starts. [Kym] starts crying. And she doesn’t say anything. And I say again, ‘Will you marry me?’ and still no response. More tears. And I’m like, ‘Okay, this is really embarrassing! Will you marry me?’ and then she finally said yes!”;

Kym recalls, “It was very romantic. Very sweet.”

The pair are serious about the relationship, with Kym even dedicating her recent book, The 5,6,7,8 Diet, to Robert.

“He’s so positive and I just love being around him,”; Kym gushes. “He embraces every single situation that he’s in…And I had already done a fitness DVD and Robert said, ‘You should have a book!’ and I didn’t believe I could have a book. And he said, ‘Of course, you can!’ So he really believed in me.”;

The couple are hoping to wed in L.A. and, even though they haven’t figured out an exact date, they have already picked their “first dance’ song.

Kym reveals, “It was actually a song we were given on Dancing with the Stars called “At Last”; by Etta James…I started choreographing it and then we got voted out so we didn’t get to do it. So we now get the chance to do that dance for the first dance!”

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