Courtney Love is reportedly hoping to protect her family from Sam Lutfi with a restraining order.

According to TMZ, Love, 54, filed court documents on Monday claiming Lutfi, her former manager, has been demanding money through emails, texts and phone calls.

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In the docs, Lutfi claims Love hasn’t paid him for services he rendered.

Sources told The Blast that the messages have been “filthy, nasty and threatening.”

Love also hopes the judge will stop Lutfi from going after her sister and her daughter Frances Bean, who she shares with the late Kurt Cobain.

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The judge has yet to set a ruling.

Love and Lufti, who also served as Britney Spears’ manager during the mid-2000s, are in the middle of another lawsuit. They are being sued by Frances Bean’s ex-husband, Isaiah Silva, for allegedly breaking into his house to steal Cobain’s famous “MTV Unplugged” guitar which is currently in Silva’s possession.