Whoopi Goldberg Is Open To Presenting The 2019 Oscars, Admits Ken Jeong Would Be A ‘Brilliant’ Host

Whoop Goldberg is willing to bail out the Academy.

The journey to find an Oscars host might end up being more entertaining than the actual event at this rate. The Academy took a peculiarly long time to announced a host for the 91st Academy Awards.

Less than three months before the Oscars 2019, the Academy finally confirmed comedian Kevin Hart would take over emceeing duties. Shortly after, however, Hart pulled out in response to negative criticism over old homophobic and transphobic tweets.

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The Academy is in a mad scramble to find a replacement and, at this point, is considering moving forward with no host. That has the ladies of “The View” talking.

“Here’s the deal, if you wanna go hostless, that’s your prerogative,” Goldberg said on Tuesday’s episode of the day-time round-table talk show. “I think it’s a dumb idea because people need you to take them through things and take care of things when they happen.”

Joy Behar argued going hostless could cut down on the often criticized length of the show, but the “Sister Act” star disagreed.

“The funny thing is, I don’t ever think there’s anything you can do to not make the show long, the show is what it is,” Goldberg explained. She argued how winners’ acceptance speeches would still contribute to a lengthy program.

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Goldberg nominated herself as host: “I realize I may not be anybody’s first choice… Half of the country is sometimes really mad at me, the other half is okay, until tomorrow and they’re pissed.”

Meghan McCain is all for that idea. “You all think I’m a hardcore conservative right?” McCain asked. “I endorse Whoopi as the host. So people on my side, please, don’t come for her!”

Goldberg then appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, where she said Ken Jeong should actually be the one to host the upcoming ceremony.

The actress insisted Jeong would be “brilliant” and would be the first Asian-American to present the Oscars.

The 91st Academy Awards take place Feb. 24. Tune in to Global’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” weeknights at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT, and watch full episodes online here.

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