Sandra Bullock stars in the new horror film “Bird Box” in which she plays a mother who must guide her young children through a post-apocalyptic world to avoid a supernatural force. The actor admits she is just as protective of her kids in real life.

“I now realize what it feels like to be afraid every single day because I love my kids to the point where I’m a little neurotic,” the Oscar-winning actress told host Sam Rubin on KTLA 5 Morning News. Bullock is mom to two adopted children — Louis, 8, and Laila, 6 — who were both born in Louisiana.

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“When they leave the house and go to school, I check my phone constantly… did the school call? Are you going to get hurt? If they’re leaving with someone else, I panic.”

The “Ocean’s 8” star said she is trying to “learn how to relax in a world that spins that kind of worry,” and remind herself, and her children, that the world “is a hopeful place.”

Rubin pondered whether it was a “gender thing,” as he never worries about those kinds of things with his kids but Bullock disagreed, though she did comment that her “Bird Box” co-star, Trevante Rhodes, is more “grounded” and “fearless” than she is.

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“My boyfriend has [fearlessness] as well,” she continued, referring to her beau Bryan Randall. “I don’t, I’m afraid, and I just want to make sure I do everything in my power to protect these two beautiful children that I have been blessed to raise.”

“Bird Box” lands on Netflix on December 21.