Trevor Noah Mocks Trump’s Oval Office Meeting Meltdown Calling It ‘An Absolute Mess’

Donald Trump held a meeting in front of the press with Democratic leaders in the Oval Office on Tuesday and it didn’t exactly go well.

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Trevor Noah covered the event on “The Daily Show” that night, mocking the U.S. president for his handling of the meeting, in which he demanded $5 billion for a wall on the southern border and said he would take responsibility for a government shutdown if a deal isn’t reached by the Dec. 21 deadline.

“The clock is ticking and you send in Donald Trump to diffuse this bomb?!” Noah said.

Describing the ensuing meeting as “an absolute mess,” Noah commented on Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer’s odd behaviour.

“Why does Chuck Schumer keep talking to the camera?” he wondered. “He’s like a character in an episode of ‘The Office’!”

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That said, Noah did offer a backhanded compliment to Trump for his willingness to take the blame for a shutdown.

“Today I’m proud of President Trump,” he said, “because taking blame shows some personal growth on his part. Though, if we’re being honest, he probably just thinks if the government shuts down there will be nobody there to impeach him.”



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