‘Stan’ Actor Devon Sawa Is Stilling Stanning For Eminem In 2018

Devon Sawa is not only a “Stan” for Eminem on camera.

The Vancouver-born actor is perhaps most famously known as the face of the titular character Stan in Eminem’s all-time great music video, featuring Dido.

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Vice caught up with the actor, whose movie credits include “Idle Hands” and “Casper”, about how the role has impacted him in the 18 years since.

“It’s one of the only projects I did that long ago that I still kind of brag about,” Sawa confessed. “Whenever somebody asks me what I’ve done, it’s still the one from back then that I’ll be, like, ‘Oh, I was in an Eminem video.’ It was iconic. Dr. Dre directed it, Eminem was there, and it was early days. I’m just so proud to say I played some small part of it.”

Sawa, now 40, is still a major Eminem fan. When asked whom he was “stanning” for in 2018 the actor said, “This particular year, I mean Eminem’s new record coincidentally was phenomenal. I like anything Kendrick Lamar puts out, I liked Lil Wayne’s CD this year.”

“I’m still into old hip hop, all the greats—Nas, Biggie, Pac, Jay Z, KRS-One,” he explained. “But I think Eminem’s is the greatest that came out this year. I might be biased but I loved it.”

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“When I did ‘Stan’, my agent, who I’m still with to this very day, advised against it,” Sawa said. “It was, like, ‘Eminem? C’mon Dev, I dunno about doing a music video.’ Nobody was really on board with doing it on my team, and I was the only one who was, like, ‘Oh my God, this guy’s really, really good.’ So I did it anyway.”

Sawa also shared his thoughts on the Pusha T vs. Drake beef, his love for UFC, and how much he enjoys being a father.

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