Being a TV reporter is a job fraught with hazards, from bugs flying into one’s mouth during a live remote to weather reporters caught in windstorms and blizzards, but a San Francisco news reporter is lucky to be alive after narrowly avoiding being injured in a nasty car crash that took place while he was in the midst of a live news report.

As TMZ reports, KTVU’s Alex Savidge was on a sidewalk doing a standup report when two cars collided on the highway behind him, with one of them sent careening toward him rapidly.

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Thankfully, Savidge has impeccable reflexes, and managed to jump out of the way just before the car slammed into a wall, hard enough to send a hub cap flying off the wheel.

When it was all over, Savidge took to Twitter to let everyone know he’s OK, although he admits to being shaken up by the incident.