“Mary Queen of Scots” director Josie Rourke has explained her decision to zoom in on Saoirse Ronan’s face in a scene in which she receives oral sex.

Ronan, who plays the Scottish Queen, gets pleasured by her cousin Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley (played by Jack Lowden), in the film, and the scene already has people talking.

Darnley performed the act so the Queen wouldn’t get pregnant before their marriage.

Rourke told Metro: “I thought very carefully about that scene and it was nothing to do with the rating.

“It was to do with wanting to see the pleasure she is receiving and wanting to show that from a female gaze point of view.

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“And she acts it brilliantly, to get what feels like an authentic female orgasm on screen? We need to see her face to do that.”

Ronan, who is rumoured to be dating Lowden, also told the paper: “Jack and I are very comfortable with each other. We looked after each other.

“I don’t think he’d ever done anything like that before either. It was new territory for both of us.”

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“I’d done sex scenes but they’re so mechanical that they’re kind of easy to do. Whereas when it’s on your face like that…

“I just kept thinking about, what was it, ‘When Harry Met Sally’.”

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