Sarah Silverman has said she’s “done” using homophobic slang after the recent Kevin Hart controversy.

The 48-year-old was quizzed by TMZ about Hart, 39, stepping down from hosting the Oscars after an array of controversial tweets resurfaced online.

She said when asked if she’d be sharing anything similar anytime soon, “I’m done with that. I think I can find other ways to be funny.”

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“I used to say ‘gay’ all the time — ‘Oh that’s so gay.’ Cause we’re from Boston. We’d go, ‘That’s what you say in Boston. I have gay friends, I just say gay.’ And then I heard myself and realized, it was stupid.”

“And I’m certainly creative enough to think of other words besides that that don’t hurt people.”

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Silverman continued, “Comedians don’t like to be told what to do. Anyone should express themselves as they see fit. And if there are consequences, that’s part of it. I f**k up all the time.”

The comedienne’s comments come after Nick Cannon, 38, threw her under the bus by sharing one of her old tweets, in which she used a homophobic term.

She said she wouldn’t be addressing the rapper’s comments in the TMZ clip, as she hadn’t decided whether she’d be making a video about it herself yet.