Emma Stone Has Never Watched ‘Easy A’: ‘Who Wants To Watch Themselves For That Long?’

Emma Stone owes a lot of her current success to her breakout role in “Easy A”, but she has never watched the film that helped make her a star.

Stone is a supremely talented actress — she won an Oscar for Best Actress in “La La Land” after all — but “Easy A” definitely marked a turning point in her career. That is why it comes as a surprise to learn she has never watched the movie from start-to-finish.

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“I haven’t seen it. No, I’ve seen some scenes,” Stone said during a session of Variety‘s Actor on Actor series. “But I went to a friends-and-family screening to see it, and I had to get up and walk out. Who wants to watch themselves for that long?”

Stone, 30, explained how her significant screen time in “Easy A” was more pressure than she could handle.

“I was 20 and I put so much pressure on myself,” she expressed. “While we were shooting it, I was just going nuts and was like, ‘I don’t know, this whole thing could fall apart, I have no idea.’ Because I had to be there all day, every day. And if I wasn’t on screen, I was narrating, and it was just too much me.”

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“It was kind of like, I just felt like it had to be well-calibrated throughout, and it was the first time that I had ever had to rely on myself mostly to be able to carry all that,” continued Stone. “I think I just put so much pressure on myself.”

“Easy A” was released in 2010 and starred Stone, alongside Amanda Bynes, Lisa Kudrow, and others.

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