Kurt Russell Points Out The Double Standard About Ageing In Hollywood

Kurt Russell says there is a long-standing double standard about men ageing in Hollywood vs. women ageing in Hollywood.

“Historically we can look at the product that comes out of Hollywood and for the most part it is more difficult playing in that world as an actress than it is an actor,” Kurt told BW Magazine. “But that is probably going to change too,” Russell noted with optimism.

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Russell, 67, explained how veteran actors are considered to grow wiser with time, whereas older actresses are penalized for their ageing appearance.

One person who has failed to fall for Hollywood’s trap is Russell’s longtime partner Goldie Hawn, 73. The two have been together since 1983, a whopping 35 years.

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“[Goldie’s] energy is incredible, she still looks great, she is in great shape and she is interested in things other than primarily what is going on in this town but every once in a while she ducks her head in and has some fun,” Russell revealed.

The longtime couple co-star in the new Netflix film “The Christmas Chronicles”.

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