Joan Collins does not think the Christmas hit “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” should be considered a controversial song.

During an appearance on “Good Morning Britain” on Monday, the 85-year-old actress reacted to recent reports that the Christmas classic had been banned from various radio stations for allegedly promoting “date rape” with the song lyric, “Hey, what’s in this drink?”

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According to ITV, Collins reportedly said, “What’s going to happen to seduction is you are not going to be allowed anymore.” She added, “Is someone going to have to ask permission of the parents before they can kiss a girl?”

Reacting to current consent culture and the rise of the #MeToo Movement, she reportedly continued, “It’s absolutely becoming out of control. It seems to have happened in the last two years. It seems to get worse and worse.”

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The “American Horror Story” star went on to call the song “sweet,” noting, “It’s gentle, kind, funny, tuneful. How dare they?”

In response to the song being dropped from radio stations, including stations in Cleveland and Denver, the late legendary singer Dean Martin’s daughter Deana Martin told “Fox & Friends” that she was “flabbergasted” to hear the song had been banned.

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“Where she says, ‘Hey, what’s in this drink?’ I don’t think she’s talking about some pill being put in that drink,” she explained of the song, which her father sang in 1959. “You know, like, ‘Is this punch? You know what’s in this drink? Is it vodka?..’ It’s just breaking my heart that people would turn that around.”

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