Mattel Considers Same-Sex Barbie Wedding Set, Thanks To Engaged Couple

An Arizona couple have convinced toy giants Mattel to consider adding same-sex couples to their Barbie wedding sets.

Matt Jacobi and Nick Caprio were looking to get their eight-year-old niece Natalie, who will be a flower girl at their May wedding, a very special birthday gift.

However, when they looked through the wedding sets, all that was on offer were Barbie and Ken. So they ditched Barbie and made their own collection with an additional Ken doll.

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Caprio said, according to ABC7: “It’s going to come up in your family, no matter what. As more same-sex couples are having kids, your kids are going to have kids in the class that have gay parents and things like that, too, so it’s not this huge shock anymore.”

“We really wanted to give her something that she could enjoy but also something that would be meaningful to her and somehow connected to the wedding she will be a part of,” Jacobi added to CNN.

“When we saw the toys in all the aisles, Nick and I looked at each other and had a moment. We just didn’t feel connected to any of them.”

CNN confirmed that the couple had now bagged a meeting with Mattel, which has gradually been expanding its range of dolls to include different skin tones, shapes, and outfits, to discuss their idea.

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“We have a confirmed date set in early January, and we are extremely excited, grateful and incredibly determined to make this happen,” Jacobi went on. “We are over the moon with all the positive responses we have received. We really just want to thank all the people out there for believing in our message that love is love.”

Mattel has been making Barbie-and-Ken sets since 1961.

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