Bella Thorne and Disney star Dove Cameron were among the big winners at peta2’s 13th annual Libby Awards.

peta2, PETA’s youth division, honoured some of the most influential forces for animal rights, with Cameron, 22, nabbing the award for Best Celeb Tweet for Animals by speaking out against bullfighting.

She wrote earlier this year: “[H]ow can people be so turned off to the pain of animals? [W]here is the compassion? [I] don’t understand how people can take pride in watching an animal be riled up, tortured, and then BRUTALLY MURDERED in front of a crowd.”

The award for Best peta2 Collab went to Bella Thorne for her provocative anti-SeaWorld campaign, which saw her express regret about appearing in a commercial for the amusement park as a child. Thorne also called on the company to retire the long-suffering orcas it holds captive to seaside sanctuaries.

Mena Massoud, star of the upcoming live-action “Aladdin”, was also honoured at the event, bagging the title of Brightest Vegan Star for Animals after launching Evolving Vegan, a website that shares recipes and highlights the country’s best vegan restaurants.

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The likes of Olympic gold medallist and world champion soccer star Alex Morgan earned the title of Best Athlete for Animals after starring in a pro-adoption PETA ad and tweeting about going vegan.

Andy Biersack (aka “Andy Black”) also won big at the ceremony, bagging this year’s Best Voice for Animals gong for inviting peta2 along on Black Veil Brides’ U.S. tour and sharing his vegan journey with fans on social media.

“Today’s hottest stars are speaking out against SeaWorld, empowering their fans to go vegan, promoting animal adoption, and more,” peta2 Senior Director Marta Holmberg said in a press release. “peta2 is recognizing Dove Cameron, Bella Thorne, Mena Massoud, and other celebrities who are making the world a better place for animals.”