Julie Bowen and weed don’t always mix very well.

Appearing on “Busy Tonight” on Monday, the “Modern Family” star revealed she does smoke weed, but only to help her sleep.

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Early in the interview, host Busy Philipps said that she used to get stoned before going for a run, explaining, “Guys, guess what? You can run for a really wrong time if you’re high.”

“No,” Bowen pushed back. “Not if you’re super f***ing paranoid.”

She continued, “That is not for me. I know it’s and everything and big ups, praise all. Only for sleeping purposes.”

It turns out getting high makes Bowen feel a little frightened of her surroundings.

“Cause I’m like, ‘Who’s following me? I can hear spiders,'” she described.

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Bowen said that she was once prescribed marijuana edibles by her doctor, but this had her getting off her couch and crawling on the floor completely freaked out.

“Julie, you got way too high!” Philipps exclaimed, but Bowen blamed it on her doctor.