Aaron Sorkin Says Far-Right Website Breitbart Inspired Part Of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ On Broadway

Aaron Sorkin discussed his To Kill a Mockingbird on Broadway adaptation and his thoughts on Donald Trump as he chatted with Tina Brown on her podcast.

Sorkin, 57, revealed the far-right American news site Breitbart gave him the idea for the villain in the New York show, saying he was reading the comments section when he had the idea.

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The Academy Award-winner explained, “I’ve written anti-heroes before and I’ve always been able to write them without judging them, finding something that I have in common with them so that I can write that character like they’re making their case to God why they should be allowed into heaven.”

He said of racist antagonist Robert E. Lee Ewell: “With Bob Ewell, I was completely unable to do that and I have to tell you that the way I wrote that character was by going to the Breitbart comments section. Nearly everything Bob Ewell says on the play is word for word something I found in the Breitbart comments section.”

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Sorkin’s interview also saw him slam Trump once again, insisting the president is “not good at anything.”

He told Brown, “He doesn’t have good political instincts. And his fans – there’s not one of them that he would rent an apartment to. There’s not one of them that he would have as a member one of his country clubs and there’s not one of them who isn’t smarter than he is.”

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