Congressman Dan Crenshaw Called Pete Davidson After Suicide Scare: ‘Know You Have Value’

Congressman Dan Crenshaw is revealing he called Pete Davidson after the “Saturday Night Live” comedian sparked a suicide scare with a disturbing Instagram post over the weekend.

“I talked to him personally [Sunday]. We don’t go back very far. We’re not good friends,” Crenshaw tells KPRC2 Houston.

Earlier this year, Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL who lost his eye to an IED blast, was mocked during an “SNL” Weekend Update segment by Davidson. He later apologized and the two men buried the hatchet.

“I think he appreciated hearing from me,” Crenshaw continues. “I told him everyone had a purpose in this world. God put you here for a reason. It’s your job to find that purpose. And you should live that way.”

Davidson’s alarming post was taken seriously by his friends and colleagues, with Lorne Michaels announcing he was getting support for the comedian.

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Crenshaw just wanted to reach out and let Davidson know that he was valued.

“Know you have value,” Crenshaw told Davidson during their phone conversation. “Especially a guy like that: sometimes he makes people laugh. Sometimes makes people mad. But he makes people laugh a lot. It was a good conversation.”



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