Sarah Silverman Dresses Like Hitler On ‘Conan’ Amidst Donald Trump Comparisons

Comedian Sarah Silverman attempted to ruffle some feathers Thursday night on late night talk show “Conan”;. She appeared dressed as Adolf Hitler, playing off recent comparisons between presidential hopeful Donald Trump and the Nazi leader.

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Conan O’Brien began the late night segment by addressing the comparisons.

“I think most people would agree Donald Trump might be the most divisive candidate ever, even as he continues to beat primaries, many are openly comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. It’s pretty common. In fact, New York’s Daily News ran this front page earlier this week: “Trump Is Hitler’. It doesn’t get much worse than “Trump Is Hitler’, so I asked if he would come out tonight to address these comparisons. Shockingly, he’s in town. He agreed.”;

Silverman appeared on set wearing a Nazi uniform and a fake Hitler moustache. “I have to say, that’s more applause than I expected,”; the actress said upon entering the stage.

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Conan continued, “So my understanding is you want to clear the air because you think you’re being unfavourably compared to Donald Trump.”; To which Silverman replied, “Don’t get me wrong, Conan: I agree with a lot he says. A lot! Like, 90 percent of what he says, I’m like, “This guy gets it.’ But it’s just, ugh…I don’t like the way he says it. It’s just…it’s crass.”;

Watch the full clip below.

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