Stephen Colbert Mocks Les Moonves After CBS Confirms He Won’t Receive $120-Million Severance Package

Stephen Colbert took a swipe at Les Moonves on Tuesday’s “Late Show” after it was revealed the former CBS exec would not receive any severance from the company in the wake of several sexual misconduct accusations.

Colbert told viewers what would now happen to the money: “$120 million. I’m pretty sure it goes to me. Do I get it? I get half of it. The other half goes to Tom Selleck’s moustache.”

He added of Moonves’ alleged refusal to co-operate with the investigation fully: “How on earth did Les Moonves think he’d get away with that? Every show he greenlit for the last 20 years was about investigations! On the bright side, CBS has enough material for a new procedural: ‘NCIS: Human Resources’.”

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Colbert continued, “But don’t worry about Mr. Moonves. In the past 10 years, his compensation totalled more than $1 billion. $1 billion! What’s he going to do now? What job could a famous TV billionaire with sexual allegations possibly get… Oh… my… God!”

“He’d still be better,” Colbert suggested, seemingly making a dig at Donald Trump.

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