After taking to social media to apologize for screaming “f*** you Justin Bieber” during his Dallas concert, Charlie Puth has now deleted his mea culpa tweets.

Following an onslaught of abuse from Bieber’s fans, after video of the outburst spread online, Puth tweeted, “I am a massive @JustinBieber fan and I have nothing but great things to say about him and his music always,” he wrote. “Please find it in your heart to forgive me and know that this is coming from a real place. I am not a mean person.”

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“I am very sorry if I offended anyone, and mostly to Justin,” he continued. “His work is inspiring. I would never intentionally or publicly bash him.” The “See You Again” singer added, “I was bullied where things like this were said to me all the time, pretty much all of my life until the end of high school.”

Puth’s bout of anger occurred while he was performing his Selena Gomez duet “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” While his fans cheered him on, video of the moment would soon garner a much difference reaction from Bieber fans.

Watch a clip of the performance below.