John Legend Feuds With Donald Trump Jr. Over His ‘Racist’ Dad

John Legend is clearly not a fan of Donald Trump, and let his opinion be known when he responded to a tweet by the candidate’s son, Donald Trump Jr.

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In his tweet, the Trump scion joked about protesters at his father’s cancelled Chicago rally allegedly not knowing why they were protesting The Donald.

// Legend, however, saw that tweet and offered his theory:


When a Trump supporter slammed Legend, implying he was uneducated, the “All of Me”; singer revealed that he and the Trump kids had actually attended the same university.

// followed that up with a sarcastic tweet addressed to “Trump trolls,”; quipping, “I’m the real racist”; while linking to a Daily Beast piece alleging that, in his early days as a slumlord in the 1970s, Trump was accused of using a secret code on rental applications in order to prevent African-Americans from renting in any Trump-owned buildings.


Donald Trump Jr. responded: “Here we go again. That can’t be the answer for everything you don’t like. That’s why the country is so divided now!”;

// you’d expect, Legend had a biting response to that as well:




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