Orlando Brown’s friends are turning to Dr. Phil for help.

Friends of the “That’s So Raven” alum are at their wit’s end and have approached Phil as a last resort, per TMZ. A trailer for Friday’s “Dr. Phil” episode shows a stark contrast between Brown, 31, now and the teenage Disney star he used to be.

“I called in because Orlando, he has some mental problems,” his friend told Phil. “He has burned so many bridges, no one wants to deal with him… If you cannot help, he does not have a chance.”

His friend reveals how Brown will occasionally burst out saying, “Michael Jackson is my father [and] I own Neverland.” Later in the teaser, Phil tells Brown, “I think you’re experiencing some confusion and I’m offering to help you.”

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In the promo, Brown can be seen sporting numerous tattoos on his neck and chest, partially shaved eyebrows, and snake-like contact lenses, which he described as his “Michael Jackson eyelids,” referring to the late star’s zombie look in the “Thriller” video.

That wasn’t the only connection Brown claimed to the King of Pop. “My full name is Orlando Brown Prince Michael Jackson Jr. aka Blanket,” the actor said with a laugh. “My nickname I gave to myself. My father was Michael Jackson, the great Michael Jackson… I used to always wonder why I’m so astronomically blessed and gifted when it comes to being talented. I rap, sing and I do everything immaculately. The eyes. And also just speaking to different Jackson family members that, you know, have confirmed it. So yeah, it’s a blessing to know that. I can sit here today and say, that yeah, that Michael Jackson was my father.”

Admitting he never met Jackson, Brown said that he believes the late star’s Neverland Ranch should have been left to him. “I know my father would have wanted me to have it,” he said. “He left it for me.

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Brown temporarily entered rehab following an intervention from his friends in October, but it reportedly did not work. The actor has had several run-ins with police over the years. In 2016, he was arrested and charged with domestic battery, obstruction of justice, drug possession with intent to sell, and having contraband in jail.

He was arrested four separate times in 2018 on various charges including battery of a spouse, felony narcotics possession, and breaking-and-entering.

During his chat with the TV host, Brown admitted that alcohol was behind his behaviour.

“A lot of drinking is what happened,” Brown explained. “I was drinking a lot. I just found myself in a dark place because I couldn’t really find everybody. It’s kinda like looking for your keys, when you stop looking, they’re right there type of deal. I started to realize what was in front of me. From there, now I’m good.”

He added: “Back then it was the drinking, a binge of… vodka, any kind of vodka that I could get my hands on, along with some drugs, heavily medicated with marijuana at the time. Not only that, but you still got the crystal meth incident that I had. I started to sell it essentially, but you know, just the influence and the demons that come with that drug, you know, kind of took over. So I’m glad I kicked that. So today I’m glad to say I’m four years sober. It’s been quite a journey.”

When Dr. Phil offered to send Brown to a doctor at a Malibu addiction and mental health treatment centre, however, he refused the help.“That sounds cool but I don’t have the time right now,” he responded. “I really wish I did have the time. I’ve been going through treatments and a lot of group sessions and all of this stuff unnecessarily in the first place. I refuse to let myself believe that, you know, I have a problem.”