Fans Discover A Mysterious New ‘Black Mirror’ Film Coming Soon To Netflix

Expectations for the upcoming fifth season of “Black Mirror” have taken an interesting turn.

While details of the new season are being kept under wraps, it was discovered Wednesday that if the name “bandersnatch” is typed into Netflix’s search terms, something called “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” appears in the results.

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Details in the listing also refer to the mysterious “Bandersnatch” as “A Netflix Film”, with a running time of 90 minutes, leaving fans to speculate about how exactly it might fit into the series.

This news comes after a now-deleted tweet earlier this month revealed “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” is scheduled for release Friday, Dec. 28.

Some have also suggested that “Bandersnatch” may be the previously teased choose-your-own-adventure episode planned for the new season, while others are suggesting it may have something to do with ’80s-set filming for the show that happened earlier this year in the UK.

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In the meantime, fans on Twitter are left scratching their heads and getting even more excited to see what “Black Mirror” will have in store.

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