Rob Lowe Reveals The X-Rated Christmas Present He Once Bought His Stepmother

It’s a given that not every Christmas gift purchased for a loved one is going to be a hit, something that Rob Lowe discovered as a youngster when he bought his new stepmother a wildly inappropriate present shortly after his father remarried.

“When I was 8 years old I learned to be careful what you buy,” Lowe said during an appearance on U.K. chat show “The Jonathan Ross Show”, as reported by the Press Association.

“My father had remarried. A new stepmother — and it was that first moment as a kid where you actually go out and you’re going to buy like an adult, you’re going to buy Christmas presents,” he continued.

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As Lowe, 54, explained, he finally came upon what he reckoned would make the perfect Christmas gift.

“I bought her what I thought was great, they were edible panties,” he revealed.

“As an 8-year-old, I’m thinking, ‘These are amazing, you can eat them and they’re strawberry, she is going to love these,’” he added.

Lowe’s appearance will be seen on Saturday night’s edition of “The Jonathan Ross Show”.

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