Fans can’t stop talking about Sandra Bullock’s new thriller film “Bird Box”, which was released on Netflix on Dec. 21.

The film, which also stars Sarah Paulson and John Malkovich, follows Bullock’s character who must embark on a dangerous journey with her children while blindfolded to avoid an evil force that has decimated most of the population.

One week after its release, “Bird Box” is already Netflix’s most-successful original movie ever, in terms of viewership.

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Drawing comparisons to other dystopian films, like “A Quiet Place” and “Cloverfield”, many viewers have taken to Twitter to debate over the mysterious monster or supernatural force and the different ways it affects the characters.

While Bullock does not give any details as to the backstory of the evil force, the Oscar winner did tell ET Canada about the difficulty of wearing a blindfold for most of the film.

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“I found I got so crabby,” Bullock explains. “And like you get down on yourself ’cause you go, ‘The one thing I have in my pocket… I have to get to a place and then all of a sudden you get to that place and you don’t have your eyes to convey it anymore. It was so frustrating for me.”

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Meanwhile, other viewers of the film have been looking at “Bird Box” a little more literally and commenting on the birds referenced in the title.

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See more reaction to “Bird Box” on Twitter below.