The Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast” sees heroine Belle fending off the advances of handsome lout Gaston, discovering that she’s truly in love with the Beast (who is actually a good-looking prince made beastly by a curse).

Twitter user Dana Schwartz, however, isn’t sure that Belle made the right choice, and in a series of tweets shared her 12-slide Powerpoint presentation laying out why Belle should have instead wound up with Gaston.

In her presentation, she offers a compare-and-contrast between the Beast and Gaston, pointing out that Gaston can get an entire pub full of people to sing along with him, but the Beast “never sings with people (he is no fun).”

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She even adds some historical context by placing the story’s timeline within the days of the French Revolution, which would indicate the Beast was a noble, while Gaston was a commoner — meaning that Belle and the Beast would have eventually been captured and faced the guillotine.

Check out some of these Twitter responses to the powerpoint argument: