Dan Rather Roasts Donald Trump: What Is More ‘Marginal’ — Believing In Santa… Or Not Believing In Climate Change?’

The President of the United States is not at all concerned with preserving a child’s belief in Santa Claus, and neither are the kid’s parents.

Donald Trump spent Christmas Eve taking phone calls from children throughout the country. Chances are at least one child regretted their brief chat with the President.

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“Are you still a believer in Santa?” Trump asked young Collman Lloyd on the phone, per The Daily Beast. “Because at 7 it’s marginal, right?”

The clip went viral online, with many slamming the president, but Collman’s parents think it’s all a lot of hot air over nothing. “I think it’s crazy it became a big deal. It’s Christmastime. I’d love to keep politics out of Christmas,” said Collman’s father Donald in an interview with BuzzFeed. “It didn’t bother me — I like to talk to my kids like adults.”

Collman’s mother Erica added, “I’m a teacher. I’m OK with the vocabulary. He was very kind. I was very impressed with the phone call.” In fact, it seems the word “marginal” went completely over the young girl’s head. “He used it with ‘Santa,’ so maybe it has something to do with Christmas?” Collman speculated.

Overall, the 6-minute call was a very pleasant surprise for the whole family. “He said, ‘Happy Christmas … It was great speaking to you, Collman … Please tell [your family] I wish them a happy Christmas,’” Erica said. “It made her Christmas.”

The U.S. President originally planned to spend the remainder of the holidays at his Mar-a-Lago compound in Florida. Those plans have since been nixed and Trump will instead stay at the White House for the rest of 2018.

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One person who did have something negative to say about Trump was former longtime CBS News anchor Dan Rather.

“I am all alone (poor me) in the White House waiting for the Democrats to come back and make a deal on desperately needed Border Security,” Trump tweeted on Monday. He later revealed how “we are already building and renovating many miles” of his planned border wall.

Merry Christmas to all, especially that 7-year-old.

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