Jennifer Lopez Strips Down in ‘Parker’

Jennifer Lopez gets in on the action, literally, in her new movie Parker which has her teaming up with Jason Statham.

Not only does the role require her to perform some action sequences, it has her disrobing for her co-star. When our Matte Babel sat down with Jennifer and Jason, he wasted no time in asking about what he called, “the strip scene.” “That’s your first question?” teased JLo, “Is that all you want to know? And he calls it a strip scene like I was on a pole or something!”

No, Jennifer isn’t working a pole, but she does remove her clothing and turn around, showcasing her trademark derriere to the camera. “How many women would turn around on camera like that?” Jennifer jokes, “I should get an Oscar for that!” It’s no surprise Jason Statham was more than okay with the scene. “I was very relaxed,” he joked to Matte.

Jennifer’s impressive physique is even more enviable when you remember she’s mom to young twins. So what would JLo think if four-year-olds Max and Emme wanted to follow her into show business? “I don’t want them to be kids in Hollywood, I think it’s too much pressure,” the proud mama told Matte. But she’s not completely opposed to the idea. “If they’re artists, there’s nothing I’m going to be able to do to stop them. So I would say if when they’re older if they want to, I would support them.”

Parker hits theatres on Friday,watch more of Matte Babel’s uncut interview with the stars below!



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