The new film “Vice” is all about one of the most important figures in recent American politics, but it’s a much smaller characters who’s getting all the attention.

Christian Bale plays Vice President Dick Cheney in the biographical film, with Amy Adams co-starring as his wife Lynne, Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld and Sam Rockwell as President George W. Bush.

Meanwhile, “Breaking Bad” star Jesse Plemons also stars in the film as a character named Kurt, a regular working-class man with a history in the military who also serves the film’s narrator.

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In the film’s biggest twist, it turns out that Kurt, who dies in the film, is the man who donated his heart for Cheney’s 2012 transplant.

Director Adam McKay talked about the choice to include Kurt’s story in the film in an interview with BuzzFeed.

“First and foremost, the movie is a character portrait of Dick Cheney, and because it’s Dick Cheney, it’s also Lynne Cheney. And then, it’s also a bit of a portrait of America as America changed through these decades, and that’s obviously, I would say, what Plemons symbolizes,” McKay explained.

“He’s responding to Cheney’s America,” he continued. “And at the same time, in the end, making the ultimate sacrifice so Cheney can move on.”

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McKay also clarified that he invented the character of Kurt, and even considered adding a line to the film in which Plemons would say, “There’s no way to know who the real guy is, but I match the specs.”

“I always wondered, maybe I should’ve left that line in there, but whatever,” McKay added. “It’s definitely not him. No one knows who it is.”