Seth Rogen Shocks Twitter When He Makes A Mind-Blowing ‘Home Alone’ Discovery

One of the most memorable parts of “Home Alone” is the black-and-white gangster movie that left-behind Kevin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin) continually views after being left behind by his vacationing family, using recorded snippets of dialogue from the flick to deter would-be burglars and tip a pizza-delivery guy (“Keep the change, ya filthy animal”).

What not all viewers may have realized, however, is that particular movie — “Angels With Filthy Souls” — doesn’t actually exist, and was a short filmed solely to be viewed by Kevin within the beloved 1990 comedy.

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Seth Rogen apparently just found this out, and took to Twitter to express his amazement that for all these years he’d assumed the film-within-the-film was an actual movie.

Rogen’s revelation took some of his celebrity Twitter followers by surprise, with Elijah Wood, Nick Kroll, Chris Evans, Frankie Muniz and “22 Jump Street”/”Spider-Man: Into the Multi-Verse” screenwriter Rodney Rothman all admitting they had also assumed it was a real movie. Whatsmore, even Macaulay Culkin had no idea.

Rogen offered his condolences for ruining the last shreds of their childhood innocence.

The celebs’ shocked responses, however, offered just a small sampling of the minds that were blown throughout the Twitterverse.

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