Prince Charles Reveals He’s A Huge Leonard Cohen Fan: ‘He Was Incredibly Sophisticated’

Prince Charles revealed he’s a fan of Leonard Cohen as he spoke to presenter Michael Berkeley on a special edition of Radio 3’s “Private Passions”.

The 70-year-old chose Cohen’s “Take This Waltz” as one of his tracks, admitting: “I’ve always loved Leonard Cohen’s voice and his whole approach to the way he sang.

“He was obviously incredibly sophisticated in the way he sang, but also wrote. I find it very moving, the words are so extraordinary, sort of Salvador Dali-like, they lead you into this remarkable Dali-like world.”

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Charles also discussed the decline of music education in schools.

He explained, according to the Guardian: “I’m one of those people who believes in the importance of arts education and music education in schools.

“Apart from anything else, I think people forget – or may not realize – what an enormous contribution the creative arts make to the whole economy. It’s immense.

“So we slightly shoot ourselves in the feet if we ignore it altogether. When you go to schools which still have it [music education], it is wonderful to see the enthusiasm on the part of the children in their orchestras.”

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The royal then said of his own school, Gordonstoun: “In those days, the early ’60s, we had these marvelous music teachers who had escaped the Holocaust in Germany and came to Gordonstoun and taught music there.”

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