Emma Stone has fame, success, and wealth, but she cannot beat time.

The Oscar-winning actress opened up to British Vogue about her struggle with accepting her status as a 30-year-old.

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“I got gloomy for about a week, but realized the most interesting part about becoming an adult is most things become bittersweet,” she said of turning 30 on Nov. 6 “I’m still finding my voice.”

Stone took approximately a year off work before returning in the critically-acclaimed “The Favourite” with Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz. “I haven’t worked since last December,” she revealed. “By the time I work again, it will have been 14 months.”

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Colman joined her co-star Stone in the conversation with Vogue. The 44-year-old actress revealed how she got over the awkwardness of filming sex scenes with Stone.”I put a damp sponge between my legs because I thought it would be funny for Emma to find,” Colman hilariously revealed. “You can see in her face the sudden look of horror.”

“The Favourite” premiered Nov. 23 in North American and will make its wide-release debut in the United Kingdom on New Year’s Day.