Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids If They Hear Grover Cursing In Viral ‘Sesame Street’ Clip

Late last year, a controversial clip from “Sesame Street” went viral in what many called the Muppet-version of the “Yanny/Laurel” debate.

The video in question shows an excited Grover potentially dropping the F-bomb. A Reddit user noticed the possible expletive and uploaded the six-second clip to the internet.

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“May have just found next “Yanni or Laurel” soundbite thanks to my daughter’s obsession with Elmo,” wrote the Reddit poster.

Depending on how you tune your ears, Grover is either saying “Yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea” or “Yes, yes, that’s a f***ing excellent idea.”

There was plenty of debate on social media at the time, but on Tuesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, the host wanted to get opinions from the kids who actually watch the show.


So the crew took a camera to the Farmers Market and asked kids to tell them what they heard Grover say. The results speak for themselves.

When the clip was shared back in December, the Reddit thread soon blew up, and the debate quickly made its way over to Twitter.

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WARNING: The posts below contain explicit material.

“I can hear both depending on which one I’m thinking in my head,” said YouTuber Evan Edinger.

Given that “Sesame Street” is a children’s show, it’s obvious Grover was saying “sounds like” and had not suddenly turned into a foul-mouthed Muppet from hell. However, that didn’t stop people from hearing the explicit version.

Others were only able to hear the kid-friendly version.

Earlier in 2018, the Yanny or Laurel debate divided the internet, when a puzzling audio clip was posted online that had listeners hearing the same word in two very different ways.

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