Olivia Colman Admits Emma Stone Was Worried About Filming ‘The Favourite’ Sex Scenes With Her: ‘Her Face Was A Picture’

Olivia Colman admits she had a trick when it came down to doing sex scenes with Emma Stone while filming “The Favourite”.

Colman appears on the New Year’s Eve “Graham Norton Show” special and tells the host how she put a wet sponge between her legs when the pair had the more intimate moments to shoot.

The actress, talking about playing Queen Anne and working with director Jorgos Lanthimos, says: “I trusted him completely in the love making scenes. Emma Stone was worried about me though because she had to touch me intimately under the sheets.”

“So, I put a big wet sponge there as a barrier. She was going up my leg and her face was a picture when she reached it.”

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Colman’s interview also sees her talk about playing Queen Elizabeth in the latest series of “The Crown”, admitting there were times when she couldn’t stop crying.

She shares of the upcoming season, “We are nearly at the end. It feels like the longest bit because we have been going for months. I’m looking forward to a lie-in.”

“For the first two weeks I was trying to do an impression of Claire (Foy) playing the Queen. I kept saying to myself ‘What would Claire do?’ and channel her. Now we are so busy I might not be doing it anything like the Queen or Claire!”

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Revealing it is hard for her to channel the Queen, Colman goes on, “If someone says something sad I can’t help myself and start crying, which is not what the Queen does, so they film quite a lot of the back of my head on those days and they’ve come up with a trick.”

“They give me an earpiece and play the Shipping Forecast to me. So, I just tune into that and try not to listen to my fellow actors. It helped enormously!” the star adds.

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