Director Robert Zemeckis has ruled out a fourth “Back to the Future” film.

The 66-year-old was asked about the beloved flick as he chatted to Yahoo Movies U.K. about his new movie “Welcome To Marwen”.

When questioned about whether he was still against a “Back to the Future” sequel, Zemeckis said: “Oh god yes.”

The movie-maker added of a recent poll showing people were desperate to see another film, “But I think what the poll is saying… they asked a specific question, so I guess they felt it was important to spend money to poll the world, and ask this question, but don’t you think we could all have just given them the same answer?

“It confirms what we all know, but what I think the fans are really saying is that we really like this movie and if it were possible I’d like more of it. But they understand that it can’t be done.”

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Zemeckis’ comments come after screenwriter Bob Gale said back in 2008 that there wouldn’t be another “Back to the Future” movie because Michael J. Fox wasn’t in the best shape due to his battle with Parkinson’s Disease.

Gale said, according to “The idea of making another ‘Back to the Future’ movie without Michael J. Fox — you know, that’s like saying ‘I’m going to cook you a steak dinner and I’m going to hold the beef.’ You can’t do that.”

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