It’s been a few days since Kevin Spacey released his bizarre “House Of Cards” video, but actor James Urbaniak is already having his own fun with it.

The three-minute-video sees Spacey, on the same day he was arraigned on sexual misconduct charges, returning to his “HOC” character Frank Underwood.

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But while the strange video left viewers confused and very creeped out, Urbaniak took the clip and turned it into a parody, adding in faux-director’s commentary.

Urbaniak narrates as Skip Solomon, a “weddings, high school plays and gender reveal parties videographer.”

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“I’m a huge fan of Orson Welles, particularly ‘Touch of Evil’, where he has some really magnificent, long, uncut scenes. It gives the mise-en-scène such energy,” he explains while hinting to watchers in that his character Solomon did not know of allegations against Spacey.

Watch the hilarious director’s cut above.