Queen Elizabeth II‘s Daughter Princess Anne Is The Hardest-Working Royal Of 2018

The hardest-working royal of 2018 snuck under the radar.

Queen Elizabeth II’s daughter Princess Anne was declared the hardest-working royal of 2018 by Tim O’Donovan for the Times. Anne made 447 domestic appearances and another 71 outings overseas in 365 days.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may have dominated headlines in 2018 but the young royals have nothing on Anne. Anne’s 518 total appearances are more than those of Prince Harry and Prince William combined.

William attended 150 events at home and 70 abroad — 220 total — and Harry made 108 domestic visits and 85 overseas for a total of 193 worldwide. Keep in mind Anne, 68, is almost as old as William, 36, and Harry, 34, combined.

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Anne’s older brother, Princes Charles, had the second most engagements of 2018 after topping the 2017 list. Charles, 70, attended 374 engagement in Britain and an additional 172 abroad for a grand total of 507.

The Queen, 92, stayed close to home all year but still managed to attend an incredible 283 U.K. events last year.

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2018: A Royal Year In Review

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