‘The Voice U.K.’ Judge Will.i.am Says Instagram Is More Likely To Make You A Star Than Reality TV

“The Voice U.K.” judge Will.i.am has said people are more likely to find success on social media than reality TV.

The 43-year-old spoke about the BBC One show ahead of its return this weekend, telling Newsbeat: “Look at ‘The Voice’ as Glastonbury. Everyone gets the chance to be on the U.K.’s biggest stage.”

“If you look at it from that perspective it’s awesome. If you’re looking at it from the perspective that it’s going to turn you into a star – Instagram is.”

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“That has a better chance of turning you into a star than a reality show.”

Will added that “the feed” that is Instagram is now what TV shows, record companies and streaming services have to compete with in 2019.

The Black Eyed Peas singer continued, “That’s what’s turned the world upside down, inside out.”

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“It’s not this show versus that show, BBC versus ITV, reality show versus the record companies.”

“The feed. That is what we’re all dealing with. How do you handle this feed?”

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