In the last year, Rachel Platten has hit a whole bunch of musical milestones. Her current — and third — album, Wildfire, has spawned two top 40 hits: “Stand By You”; and the ever-popular “Fight Song.”;  Since its release in the spring of 2015, “Fight Song”; has been viewed a staggering 157 million times on VEVO and has been featured in TV shows (Supergirl, Revenge, Pretty Little Liars), movies (Miracles From Heaven) and a national commercial (Ford). The inspirational anthem is even used by US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during rallies. But Rachel doesn’t let the success and accolades go to her head.

“I think we have this illusion that once a dream that we’ve worked really hard for comes true that everything in your life is magical and amazing. But the truth is, you are the same person and you still have the same desires and longings,”; says Rachel.

Rachel may have financial freedom but old habits die hard.

“I still like to shop at Forever 21 – I’m like, That’s a great deal!… I bought a really nice purse for myself when I was in London and then I felt incredibly guilty for the rest of the day and needed assurance from everyone around me that it was okay. I was like, I can’t believe I spent that money on a purse!

Rachel has a formula for finding balance between the demands of her career and her passion for music. Watch below:

“I don’t think about the financial stuff as much. I mean, when I wasn’t making money from music I still made music because I love making music and now that I am making money from music, I’m still just trying to make music because it’s what I’m meant to do in the world. I’m trying to detach from the rest of it. I think Woody Allen said, “You know, I don’t believe the good press because if I believe the good press I have to believe the bad press.’ So I’m trying to learn to do that.”;

Rachel is currently on a North American tour for Wildfire and life on the road has its challenges.

“I’m really tired and my body is catching up with the pace of what we’re doing,”; says Platten, but she insists that she’s taking good care of herself. “I’m doing a lot of meditation and yoga and strength training and trying to get stronger than the show.”;

Many performers find it difficult to balance a multi-city tour with a personal life. But not Rachel. The 34-year-old is happily married and gushes about her husband. “He’s so cool. He comes out on the road when he can. He’s opening a restaurant in California. He’s a lawyer and a businessman. He has his own passion. He’s an amazing guy.”;

Rachel’s tour continues and will be making its way to Vancouver on March 28.