Pee-wee’s New Bromance… With Joe Manganiello?

Pee-wee’s Big Holiday is streaming right now on Netflix Canada – and if you haven’t watch it yet, Joe Manganiello gave us one very good reason to do so: He dons the famous Pee-wee Herman outfit!

Today’s the day! PEE WEE’S BIG HOLIDAY is now available on @netflix! #PeeWeesBigHoliday #PeeweeMovie

A photo posted by Joe Manganiello (@joemanganiello) on Mar 18, 2016 at 8:37am PDT

“I wear one while jousting on top of a giant piñata, with pin wheels and fire in the background, while speaking Spanish.”; Sounds like a typical night with Pee-wee! We caught up with Joe and Paul Reubens in Austin, where they premiered the show to a packed audience at SXSW.

Sofia Vergara joined her hubby on the red carpet but unfortunately no cameo in the movie! Sofia, Joe, and Paul are actually very close, with Paul attending their wedding.

“He was the big hit of my wedding,”; Joe explained, with Paul jumping in, “It was so much fun, your wedding was great!”;

Now you might be wondering how Joe Manganiello and Pee-wee became friends. We’ll let Paul explain:

“I used to babysit Joe.”; “You were my favorite babysitter, super fun, we just ate Mr. T cereal,”; said Joe, jokingly.

No, the two met at an industry event, hit it off, and decided to go on a bromance date to a Tim Burton art exhibit! As for what’s next for the two…well maybe Pee-wee Goes to Sea?

“I want to go on one of those Vikings cruises! Let’s do it!”; said Joe.

“Let’s do it!”; said Paul.



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