Dwayne Johnson is prepared to layeth the Smackdown on Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The former WWE mega-star delivered a written lashing to the Milwaukee Buck’s athlete via Twitter on Saturday.

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“Love this dude,” Johnson tweeted. “It’s why he’s an NBA beast and the Bucks are number one in the East, but you don’t want this smoke.”

“I will slap your lips off into next week, son,” he threatened. “And by that I mean, let’s just get a workout in and enjoy some tequila after.”

So what did Antetokounmpo due to infuriate the actor? Well, Antetokounmpo and teammate Pat Connaughton suggested they could out-lift the mountain of a man that is “The Rock”.

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“We know you look stronger than us, but we think we both can lift more than you,” Antetokounmpo argued. “Come visit Milwaukee.”

Hollywood, the NBA, or WWE… someone make this happen!