Robert De Niro Compares Donald Trump To Adolf Hitler

Robert De Niro shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to his Donald Trump bashing.

The “Mean Streets” actor is among the most vocal detractors of the U.S. president and a new interview with the Guardian supports that. “I’m older now and I’m just upset about what’s going on,” he told interviewer David Smith. “When you see someone like [Trump] becoming president, I thought, Well, OK, let’s see what he does — maybe he’ll change. But he just got worse.

“It showed me that he is a real racist. I thought maybe as a New Yorker he understands the diversity in the city but he’s as bad as I thought he was before — and much worse. It’s a shame. It’s a bad thing in this country.”

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De Niro, 75, went so far as to compare Trump to Adolf Hitler. When asked if Trump was a white supremacist, De Niro said, “Yes.”

“I guess that’s what it leads to,” he said when asked if Trump was a fascist. “If he had his way, we’d wind up in a very bad state in this country. I mean, the way I understand it, they laughed at Hitler. They all look funny. Hitler looked funny, Mussolini looked funny, and other dictators and despots look funny.

“What bothers me is that there will be people in the future who see him as an example and they’ll be affected in some way, but they’ll be a lot smarter and have many more colours to their personality, and be more mercurial, and become someone with the same values as he has but able to get much further and do more damage as a despot,” he expressed. “That’s my worry.”

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“The things that Trump has done; if Obama had done one-fiftieth, they’d be all over him,” he said. “That’s why I feel that Democrats have to be more aggressive. You’ve got to stand up, you can’t be so gentlemanly all the time because you’ve just got to say: ‘Sorry, I’m nice to a point, then I’ve got to push back.’

“He’s a con artist. He’s a huckster. He’s a scam artist,” the actor said of Trump. “And what bothers me is that people don’t see that. I think that ‘The Apprentice’ had a lot to do with that, which I never saw but once, maybe. It’s all smoke and mirrors, it’s all bulls**t.”

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