Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg had a little help kicking off the 2019 Golden Globes at the expense of Jim Carrey.

They jokingly told Carrey, a nominee for Best Actor in a TV Musical or Comedy, he needed to move from the movie section of the ballroom to sit with the television actors at the back.

“I’m seeing that Jim Carrey is sitting up front tonight in the Movies section, even though he’s nominated for a TV show,” the hosts joked as the “Kidding” star begrudgingly picked up his plate and moved away.

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Also up for a ribbing in the opening monologue was Lady Gaga’s canned response during her press tour of “A Star Is Born”, where she told the same anecdote about director Bradley Cooper in nearly every on-camera interview.

“There could be 100 people in the room and 99 don’t believe you, and you just need one to believe in you and that was Bradley Cooper,” the hosts joked as Gaga and Cooper laughed.

In a bit, Samberg read Oh’s teleprompter which he jokingly referred to as “whitewashing” before things took a more serious note as Oh referenced the history-making night in a touching moment.

Also present for the historic moment: her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Oh were sitting in the audience when their daughter made a “Crazy Rich Asians” joke mentioning the film’s total gross of $200 million, before adding “said Asian moms everywhere.” “Cut to my mom right now,” she joked, with the camera showing her mother looking blank faced and unimpressed.

According to the Internet, Oh and Samberg were a hit in their opening, praising the pairing and their comedic timing.