Late-Night Hosts Slam Donald Trump Over Government Shutdown

The U.S. government might be at a standstill but the hosts of late-night aren’t slowing down as they continue to find plenty of material in the disastrous situation.

“Our political system feels like it’s at a breaking point. It was always fragile but then Donald Trump came along and wrecked it,” said Seth Meyers, who compared the U.S. president to the obnoxious guy at a party who bulldozes through a game of Jenga.

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It is approaching three weeks since the U.S. government shut down over Trump’s refusal to approve funding unless he receives $5 billion for his controversial border wall. The shutdown has left hundreds of thousands of federal employees without pay or furloughed.

“There is no better test of a political leader than this,” Meyers continued. “Can you keep the government running? And Trump is now failing this test for the third time in his presidency and realizing you don’t get rehired after that. He’s like a stoner at a pizza place.”

Over on “The Late Show”, Stephen Colbert accused Trump of shutting down the government because he didn’t like being called “chicken” by Fox News, and called out Trump’s claims that former U.S. presidents agreed with the wall.

“Even Jimmy Carter doesn’t want a wall… and he builds walls!” the host exclaimed.

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Colbert also focused on Trump’s recent tweets about “walls and wheels” and suggested he combine the two. “That would be exciting. A short mobile wall that can slide back and forth to repel immigrants where it’s needed,” he said, before throwing to a clip of Pong, the classic video game.

Meanwhile, on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, the host promised to employ a different federal employee on the show every night until the shutdown ends. He then introduced his first government worker, a prison guard from Victorville, California.

The man said he “absolutely” objects to being used as a pawn in Trump’s fight over the wall. He then took his new role with Cleto and the Cletones, the talk show’s house band, where he played tambourine.



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