Gordon Ramsay Under Fire For ‘Inappropriate’ Behaviour Towards Sofia Vergara In Old Interview

Gordon Ramsay is facing backlash for what some fans have deemed “inappropriate” behaviour while he was a guest on a late-night talk show.

The clip in question is from an episode of “The Tonight Show” from 2010, in which the famous chef was a guest alongside actress Sofia Vergara. The video recently resurfaced online after fans noticed Ramsay’s disrespectful treatment of Vergara.

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While the “Modern Family” star is being interviewed by host Jay Leno, Ramsay consistently interrupts, makes jokes about Vergara, and at one point touches her leg.

“I never scream like that in real life,” the Colombian-born actress tells Leno when talking about her hot-headed character from the popular ABC sitcom. Ramsay then quips, “Really? Only in the bedroom?”

The “Hell’s Kitchen” host also makes jokes about Vergara’s breasts “knocking her out” if she runs and asks her how much weight she gained during her recent vacation.

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While Vergara is seen laughing along with Ramsay at first, she appears to become increasingly uncomfortable as the interview goes on, leaning away from the “Kitchen Nightmares” star.

At one point, she slaps him away after he puts a hand on her thigh. “No touching,” she says.

The clip went viral after a fan shared the footage on Twitter.

ET Canada has reached out to Ramsay’s representatives for comment.



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