Jake Paul Faces Furious Backlash After Walking Into Traffic In ‘Idiotic’ #BirdBoxChallenge Clip

Jake Paul caused controversy in the social media world once again this week after he uploaded his own version of the #BirdBoxChallenge.

Paul, 21, could be seen running through traffic and driving a car blindfolded as he took part in the dangerous challenge, which Netflix warned people against doing.

The viral clips see people doing everyday things while having their eyes covered, just like Sandra Bullock and company did in the recently released movie.

Paul only decided to end the 24-hour stint when he walked into a freezing pond, telling his cameraman: “That’s way too far. Literally, I’m done. I’m done. That’s not even cool.”

“It’s freezing bro, I’m literally going to get hypothermia. I’m going home. End the video. I’m p**sed, I’m leaving.”

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Twitter users were quick to slam the YouTube star, with many criticizing him for still uploading his video despite Netflix’s recent warning.

See some of the reaction below:



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