Late Night Hosts Mock Donald Trump’s National Address

Donald Trump made his first national address from the Oval Office on Tuesday night, where he put forward his argument for border wall funding, and late-night was watching closely.

“The Late Show” kicked off with a parody of the popular Netflix movie “Bird Box”, showing a distressed mother forcing blindfolds on her two children to protect them from the address. “The speech will be so insane that if you watch it, you will want to hurt yourself,” she tells the kids.

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In his opening monologue, Stephen Colbert referred to the U.S. President as his “warm-up man,” and pointed out how Trump’s speech pre-empted the regularly scheduled CBS programming, “FBI”, the Dick Wolf drama series.

“Not the first time he’s interfered with an FBI investigation,” the host quipped.

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Over on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, the host seemed surprised that Trump was using the Oval Office for something other than “Kardashian meet-and-greets.”

Kimmel said there was a lot of debate about whether to air the President’s address and so each network decided to play a disclaimer beforehand.

He then introduced a spoof warning message which read: “The following presidential address is a work of fiction. All personalities, incidents, events, locations and facts were pulled directly from the president’s a**.”

Meanwhile, on “The Tonight Show”, Jimmy Fallon stated that the only reason Trump gave his prime-time speech on Tuesday rather than Monday was because he didn’t want to get impeached for interrupting “The Bachelor”.

Fallon also revealed that the address had some very interesting sponsors, including Taco Bell, or “as the President calls us, Mexican McDonalds,” and Jack Daniels, which ordered viewers to “start drinking now if you want this speech to make sense.”

On the “Late, Late Show”, James Corden was not impressed by Trump’s address and his constant sniffles. “They could have aired a rerun of American Ninja Warrior and it would have been more nuanced, patriotic, and reassuring than that,” he said.

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There was one part of the speech in particular that Corden took exception to, when Trump referred to the border situation as a “humanitarian crisis – a crisis of the hear and crisis of the soul.”

“And we have a president who is completely ill-equipped to handle this crisis because he has neither,” the host stated.



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