Netflix Reveals Clue To Secret ‘Bandersnatch’ Scene You May Have Missed

For the fans of “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” that think they’ve explored every possible story path, Netflix wants you to have another look.

The choose-your-own-adventure episode of the dark anthology sci-fi series was a big hit over the holidays, with viewers being able to control the choices of the episode’s main character that lead to different outcomes.

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While most fans believed they’d exhausted all the possible options, with some even creating graphs mapping each story arc, Netflix UK revealed on Tuesday there is a secret scene that many may have missed.

“Try picking up the family photo, ~twice~,” the official Netflix UK & Ireland Twitter account suggested, referring to a moment midway through the episode.

There are points in the episode when the character is sent back to a previous point in the story and given a chance to make a different choice. This is often to help guide the viewer down a certain path. With the family photo, however, choosing the same option twice will unlock a hidden scene.

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The reaction to the news online was mixed. Many were excited to jump back into the film and discover the new content, while others were frustrated that they were being sucked back in after thinking they’d finished the adventure.

For those that don’t have time to jump back in, one Twitter user helpfully described what happens in the secret scene. Spoiler warning, obviously.



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