Oprah And Gayle Get Real About Sex And Dating In New Video Series ‘The OG Chronicles’

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are answering reader questions in a brand new monthly video series.

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OprahMag.com has launched “The OG Chronicles”—”O” for Oprah and “G” for Gayle—and in the first episode the duo give some dating advice.

First up, a reader asks how to spice up their sex life now that the kids are out of the house.

Oprah reveals that she once tried to spice things up with her partner Stedman Graham by wearing a negligee, but he just walked by her without noticing.

“I got one better,” Gayle interrupts. “Wrapped myself up with Saran Wrap, put on the trench coat, he came home and I went, ‘TA DA!’ and he went, ‘What is that?'”

The Oprah Magazine
The Oprah Magazine

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Another reader asks if it’s a good idea to give her phone passcode to her husband.

“I think you should have your own passcode for your own phone,” Oprah says.

“People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing,” Gayle responds, and Oprah admits that if Stedman asked for her passcode she would probably give it to him.

The first episode of the “The OG Chronicles” is tied into the “How to Win the Dating Game” featured from the February issue of The Oprah Magazine, on newsstands Jan. 15.

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