Al Roker Defends Meteorologist Fired For Saying ‘Martin Luther Coon Park’ On-Air

Al Roker feels for Rochester meteorologist Jeremy Kappell.

Kappell was fired from NBC affiliate WHEC-TV for uttering a racial slur during a weather report on Friday. Instead of saying “Martin Luther King Jr. Park” the meteorologist said “Martin Luther Coon Park”.

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Social media was split on the incident: Some defended Kappell by arguing it was a mistake, while others suggested if it wasn’t intentionally racist it at least echoed Kappell’s language off camera.

Kappell vehemently denied intentionally using the word on air, or ever in his life for that matter. He apologized for the incident but strongly challenged being let go.

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Roker jumped to Kappell’s defence Wednesday on Twitter.

Roker also challenged members of the Twitterverse who accused Kappell of closeted racist behaviour.

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